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The world's most intelligent charging solution for electric vehicles

Evcore offers world-class service and support products to meet your needs at every stage of the electric vehicle charging experience

When you choose Evcore, all your needs are covered: from site planning to installation and configuration, always with the benefits of a continuous support service
We provide an optimised charging solution that automatically adapts to all types of electric networks, parking spaces and vehicles
Tell us what the free capacity of the building is,
and we’ll take care of the rest

Product features

Offering electric vehicle charging solutions for you The fast, safe and easy way to charge your electric vehicle
  • Home Charging

    Charging your electric car through a standard household plug can take a long time. With a dedicated charger, you are typically able to choose how fast you would like to charge. Most EV drivers will now choose to install a 7Kw Fast Charger at home to reduce charge times

  • Workplace Charging

    With proper workplace charging implementation, employers can help increase the convenience and affordability of driving electric for their employees. Workplace charging can demonstrate leadership in adopting advanced technologies

  • Public Sector Charging

    EV charging point that provides 24/7 access to all members of the public. Different operators (usually local governments) opt for varying authentication, use and payment systems - they may be free, or they charge per hour or watt

Home Charger Grant

For our customers in Ireland, the SEAI have a new grant offering up to 600€
to help cover the installation of a home-charger

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Our experienced team can carry out an inspection to determine the complete cost to install the Evcore chargers, with our team of skilled electrical engineers able to carry out the necessary work, if required.